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Carlos Goico

Carlos Alberto Goico was born on November 14, 1952 in the Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. Rejected by the School of Fine Arts, Goico was primarily a self-taught artist who was known to frequent the art studios of great Dominican artists like Eligio Pichardo, Ada Balcacer and Jose Cestero.

By all accounts, his life was very difficult, having witnessed as a child the tragic death of his beloved mother when she was hit by a car, subsequently living on the streets of the Colonial Zone without financial or family support, and then spending numerous years in a mental institution where he was subjected to extensive treatments that included lobotomies.

Despite these tragedies, he continued to paint and draw and continued to be a positive force both in his art and personality. While at the mental institution, he even gave classes to “students” (his fellow patients) and the exhibitions that resulted were said to be rather surreal experiences.

Living and painting on the streets of the Colonial Zone again after his time in the institution, he did not have a place of his own until around 2006, when Isaac, the owner of Falafel Restaurant, gave Goico his own space on Calle Sanchez in which to sleep and paint. He died from a massive heart attack on July 10, 2009 on his way to a party.

Goico is considered by many to be an artistic genius, whose ouvre constitutes one of the major contributions to Dominican, Caribbean and Latin American art. His unique perspective and technique, his visceral, emotive style and his conscious rejection of the Art Establishment and the social order have made him an artistic force that can not be ignored. His is not merely Outsider art or Underground art, but a new artistic movement that challenges the banality, the intellectualization and the absurdity of the current scene. His is art in revolution.

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Carlos Goico

Jose Cestero

Perhaps the most well-known living master of Dominican Republic art, Jose Cestero is an immensely talented painter and draughtsman whose style can be compared to several European artists like Raul Dufy and Filippo DePisis.

Cestero paints in bright colors and a style that almost appears like acrylic or oil sketches on canvas. He has been an integral figure in the Dominican art scene for decades and has influenced many young artists. He has also had many solo and joint exhibitions in the Dominican Republic, the USA and in Europe.

Ney Diaz

Ney Diaz is a rising star in the Dominican art world. With exhibitions at the elite District Gallery and a permanent display at Bolos Gallery in the Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo, Diaz' talent is now getting the attention it deserves.

Diaz' art reflects his personality, extremely non-conformist. He combines a meticulous technique with bizarre themes that challenge our perception of normality and reality.

Alejandro Alsina

Alsina is an immensely talented Dominican artist who personifies the Colonial Zone barrio of Santo Domingo. Often seen painting in one of the area's parks or having a coffee at the Cafeteria on El Conde, Alsina is a free spirit whose works at times border on the sublime.

An under-appreciated artist whose works can be acquired at very reasonable prices, Alsina is an artist to watch. We carry only his finest works, so take a look.

Miguel Gomez

Miguel Gomez is both a wonderful Dominican & Caribbean artist and an important figure in the Dominican art scene. In our view, Miguel Gomez creates the most decorative paintings around. He combines tropical hues with elegant themes like young ballerinas and female portraits in works that have an undeniable Caribbean style and flair.

Gomez' paintings are held in collections throughout the world and his reputation is growing with each passing year.

Juan B. Nina

Renato Encarnacion

Juan Medina

Louis Luma

Raul Enmanuel Pozo

Maxan Jean-Louis