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Carlos Goico - Mountain Owl, Afro-Dominican Art

Carlos Goico - Mountain Owl, Afro-Dominican Art

Carlos Goico, the infamous counter-culture Dominican artist who died in 2009, is just now being discovered by the artistic elite of the Dominican and Caribbean art world. After being disparaged both personally and artistically his whole life for living and painting on the streets of the Colonial Zone in Santo Domingo, Goico is finally being recognized as one of the finest artists of his time.

We have an extensive collection of his works on paper, on canvas and even some miscellaneous pieces. We will offer on Dominican Art some of these for sale. If you would like to see more, please check out these links:

This work by Goico (2008)  is entitled Buho de Montana or Mountain Owl. Goico often depicted Owls and Sacred Owls in his paintings because of the mythological and spiritual connotations. The colors are bright and strong, and the style is uniquely Neo-Expressionist.

This work is listed in the Carlos Goico online Catalogue Raisonnee.

We would recommend not purchasing works by Goico if they are not included in the Catalogue.

Approx 20″ x 16″

1500 USD