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Stivenson Magloire - Master Haitian Artist, Very Large Painting

Stivenson Magloire - Master Haitian Artist, Very Large Painting

Born in 1962 or 63 to the famous St Soleil artist Louisiane St Fleurant, Stivenson Magloire was perhaps the most promising artist of his generation, having won fame both in Haiti and abroad. He was described as the "future of Haitian art" and was frequently compared to Basquiat.

Magloire was murdered by soldiers in 1994, and there are many tales that he had foreseen his own death.  Magloire's paintings are heavily influenced by Vodou and Christianity and often depict symbols relating to both.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find paintings by Magloire. This one on offer is particularly beautiful.

The general condition is very good, but there is some wear to the canvas. Also, the canvas appears to have been placed on a smaller stretcher at some point, so there are light lines along the edges where the canvas was folded over the stretcher. Please feel free to ask any questions that you may have.

It measures approximately 43" x 30".

Shipped in a tube due to the size.
1500 USD